Arbitrage Blogging: Mastery program behind it, learn ADSENSE WORK

In the next update of #TOOMT_Mastery program, I’m going deeply into Arbitrage Blogging.
I’m revealing the exact strategy we use on one of our traffic channels, like Facebook, to double our revenue.
I’m showing you how to set bot control to manage invalid traffic using some configuration setup.

I’m showing you where to download captivating stock images that cost some dollars for free and sample ad copies that we’ve used to get better cost per result on Facebook campaigns.

I’m showing you the right targeting, specific countries that convert, and guidelines on how to configure chatbot flows to funnel and engage your users appropriately.

I’m also giving you insight on how to spot direct traffic channels that are unique and peculiar to your concept using research tools like Ahref if you don’t wish to use Facebook.

The BONUS update on the mastery program will comprise 5 power-packed and straight-to-the-point guides around Adsense arbitrage. No fluffs, just practical and repeatable implementation.

This is my gift to you this Xmas, and if you already joined the program, you’ll be a benefactor of this update. You don’t need to pay anything for it. This is because we appreciate you for believing in our presale offer last year.
NOTE: The massive slash on #TOOMT_Mastery ends in 24 days. If you miss it, I guess you may join the program at a more expensive sum.

Meanwhile, if you keep doubting our result, send your SEO site for review at Let’s print some dollars and share margin. And yes, we now accept all country Adsense for partnership except Indian Adsense 🙂 Oops!

I trust you has always been a very difficult decision to make, and each time I try to exercise that level of energy, I get swallowed terribly.
Why can’t people that do business be trusted? I can’t even use ‘most’ because you never can tell their list of ghosted unsatisfied clients.
Why can’t people be sincere?
Why can’t people who claim to know God wholeheartedly be straightforward in their dealings?
Like, ‘Hey, that thing won’t work; don’t put your money there.’

I see so many people questioning the existence of God, and I don’t battle them one moment because I could imagine their frustrations.

If I decide to follow up with the card dealer/typist now and have him pay for his sins, the world calls you an oppressor of the poor.
Crazy world we live in. Really a crazy place indeed. Oops!

This arbitrage thing is just crazy! There are some bloggers that take really insane risks, lol. They scale really high with copied content and clickbait strategies without considering any of the red flags and still get paid. I don’t know if luck is the word; maybe that’s the reason.

The technique I advise against here doesn’t mean people ain’t earning with it. There’s no blueprint to this thing; that’s why we are still figuring it out.


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